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The Port of Los Angeles

Largest Port in the United States

As the leading international container port in the United States, the Port of Los Angeles is a mainstay of the economic health of Southern California.  It directly generates thousands of well paying jobs, millions of dollars in tax revenue, and plays a major role in the quality of life for all in the region.  Yet less than 40 percent of the population know that the Port is owned by the City of Los Angeles, much less its importance to the local economy.

Quite simply, the Port needed to enhance its public image, inform the public of its economic importance, positive impact on quality of life, job creation, environmental stewardship, security, operational efficiency, and community outreach efforts.

With this in mind, the Port contracted with M Creative Group, Inc. to develop, produce, and place public image enhancement and outreach commercials and videos in the regional broadcast media market, as well as to make these materials available for other PR venues and outlets.


M Creative Group recommended that as part of its branding and marketing, the Port “personalize” its image in addition to informing the public of its vital role in the region with this campaign.  With that in mind, the spots would feature employees as well as the Commissioners themselves.

The result was the promotion of a distinctive brand identity that is easily recognizable, and differentiates the Port of Los Angeles from other ports.  By all accounts, the results were outstanding.  In fact, the work product we developed and produced has garnered numerous top national awards.


In the words of our client:

On behalf of the entire Board of Commissioners for The Port of Los Angeles, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making the “We’re Your Port, Los Angeles” commercial, and the “Bright Future” video program two very successful productions.

You succeeded in communicating a complex message and difficult information in a compelling and entertaining manner.  You were able to command the attention of our target audience and constituency by creating programs that were at once personal and spoke to the heart.  Considering the subject matter, that was not easy to do!

You made the entire process easy and enjoyable, made us all feel and look like “stars...” quite an accomplishment, and much appreciated.

President of the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners

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