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Branding - Loyalty - Social

Driving sales…

Boosting awareness…

Heightening engagement…

And drastically lowering the cost of acquisition...


We deliver all that and more.

With our strategic partners at Manumatix, and utilizing the proprietary, award winning Bamboo platform, we put the power of Social Media, Loyalty Marketing and Affiliate Programs into one unified turnkey solution.


Bamboo powerfullly rewards and incentivizes customers for purchases, referrals, and loyalty, effectively turbocharging and guaranteeing results, while also allowing us to capture unprecedented levels of relevant data about your target audience and key customers.


What we offer is arguably the most effective and efficient way for brands to engage, activate and grow an audience .  In short, we’ve got a more intelligent marketing paradigm.


Bamboo has been successfully deployed throughout the world for Fortune 500 companies such as Nestle, FOX, Gatorade, Mountain Dew, and Pepsi as well as for major Airlines, E-commerce Companies, Cruise Lines, Health & Fitness, major CPG brands, TV Networks, Travel Companies and more.

How it Works



Bamboo ignites conversations and keeps the discussion going by offering ongoing incentives, by turning participation into a game, and by engaging the audience with relevant video and content.



Bamboo offers a fun and incentive-based gaming experience.

Viewers unlock rewards such as vacation vouchers, travel gear and more by rating videos, "liking" your content, and recruiting friends from their social media networks.



Bamboo is a an end-to-end marketing solution, driving consumers down the sales funnel.


It powerfully engages the audience, creates awareness and incentivizes the consumer to consideration and conversion.  It effectively drives sales, generates referrals, and fosters the conversion of customers into brand ambassadors.

If you want to drive real growth, deepen your brand experience, and connect with your audience in ways that truly drive revenue, let us show you what we can do for you.

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