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Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County

One of the Largest Waste Management Operations in the World

Consisting of 23 independent districts, encompassing 78 cities, and serving over 5 ½ million people in Los Angeles County, the LACSD is one of the largest wastewater and solid waste management operations in the world. 

The Goal for this long-term client was to enhance the organization’s public image, communicate important information about operations and activities, and promote new, cutting edge initiatives and technologies.  But let’s face it, waste disposal isn’t really a sexy topic… or one that the general public is excited to hear about... Thus the challenge:

To make dry, boring information and messaging interesting, fun, and engaging…

Representative projects:


The Commerce Refuse-To-Energy Facility:

Public image / public outreach / public information & marketing video – “Mr. Trash” explaining and promoting the cutting edge technology developed by the Districts to effectively convert trash to useful energy while producing virtually no pollution.


Rather than the same-old, same-old boring kind of video we’ve all seen a million  times before, we created a marketing video utilizing cutting edge computer graphics, clay animation to create an animated walking, talking milk carton, and professional actors to effectively communicate the content in an engaging and entertaining manner.

This multiple award winning video was distributed both domestically and internationally, to the public, to the trade, to stakeholders, as well as to governmental agencies and received rave reviews all around. 



Waste-by-Rail Initiative:

Public image/ public outreach / public information & marketing video explaining and promoting the transition to Waste-by-Rail.


With local landfill space running out, the County needed an alternative plan for disposing of the massive amounts refuse generated by the communities served... And that plan involved transitioning to agressive recycling, coupled with the transporting of the remaining refuse to distant landfill locations otherwise known as "Waste-by-Rail".


The challenge was to explain and promote this initiative... and make dry, boring information and messaging not only accessible to the average viewer, but entertaining and interesting.  The resulting public outreach and marketing video we created, "Then & Now" did all that and more.  Utilizing professional actors and recreations, the video humorously juxtaposed trash disposal from pre-historic cavemen, to Medieval times, to the Old West, and compared it to the benefits of modern day trash disposal solutions.. with the next step in the evolution being "Waste-by-Rail".


The resulting video went on to win numerous awards and has been a highly effective tool in marketing and promoting Waste-by-Rail for the LACSD.


Over the course of 19 years, we've done numerous other projects for the LACSD...  We figure we must be doning something right!

In the words of our client:

Good going!!  Thanks this really has been great...

An incredible job of marketing

The production is great!


Education Resource Specialist


Integrated Waste Management Board Office of Education & the Environment

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